Blue Skies Ahead for IoT Network Security

We are dedicated to providing a trusted solution to today’s Internet of Things (IoT) cyber security threats in a simple and secure platform.

Your privacy, security and trust are our highest values.

It's your data.

Keep it private.

In order for IoT devices to work their magic, they collect data about every aspect of your life – including the most private information about you and your family. They’re all watching and interacting with us for our benefit. But, because they’re becoming so personally involved in our lives, it’s important for us to understand how our IoT data is being used and especially where and who it’s going to.

Your privacy, security, and trust are our highest values.  We provide you with the same protection, support, and advice that we provide our own families because we believe that we deserve a safe, secure, and sovereign IoT technology future.  We protect all of your interactions with our app with state-of-the-art encryption.

Protect what matters.


Your data is not only valuable to the legitimate IoT ecosystem for its stated and intended purpose, it’s extremely valuable to the world of personal data trading on the Dark Web by cybercriminals. Every day, these bad guys are working hard to find new ways to peer through your IoT devices to see what you’re doing, where you’re going, when you’re not home, what business you’re doing, and know everything they can so that they can steal from you. And many of them are targeting your entire family – including your children. They can even use some IoT devices to penetrate your network and gain access to your personal computers and intercept personal and financial information that you’re sending over the Internet from your computers and mobile devices.  Big Data technology allows hackers and cyber criminals to easily piece together your information from many different devices and sources to create an alarmingly clear picture of your life. You’re now a valuable commodity on the Dark Web personal information market!

This isn’t the distant future – there are countless cases of IoT hacking and cyber crimes already happening.  And many IoT companies are being sued or have gone out of business because of personal data leaks and network security breaches that their devices have allowed. While IoT manufacturers are doing everything they can to up their game and protect your data on their devices, they need help.  Cyber crime is big business.  Small IoT companies don’t have the resources to keep up with the bad guys. And hackers also target big IoT companies because of the potential access to millions of users’ data and systems. And, unfortunately, they’re often winning the cyber war. No IoT device is guaranteed to be safe.

Easy to use.


Our easy-to-use app – that you can access from your desktop computer or mobile device – lets you register your IoT devices in minutes, gives you daily updates about the health of your IoT systems and data, gives you clear and simple notifications when we detect something suspicious or a major threat, and gives you advice about how to keep your network safe.  We explain the issues and risks to you in plain English and we give you control in deciding how much risk you’re willing to take. 

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